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My permanent residence is in Santa Barbara, where I have operated Captain Dan's Charter since 1981. Santa Barbara is gifted with a unique cultural heritage shaped by our seven offshore islands known collectively as the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. With the exception of the popular tourist mecca, Santa Catalina Island, they are largely unpopulated and little changed since explorer Juan Cabrillo first discovered California in 1542.

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Channel Islands National Park An Island Preserve

In December, 1995, I sailed the "Kentucky Princess" to Hawaii, where the ambiance and charm of the islands gently lull visitors under the spell of "island time." Work and play slow to a leisurely relaxed pace not unlike the "manana" atmosphere of Mexico. If your life, like mine, has focused too much on pressure and stress and not enough on enjoyment of simple everyday pleasures, kiss your analyst good-bye and say, "Aloha Hawaii!" Those gentle island breezes, and the soft aroma of plumeria blossoms will do more for your psyche than those grueling therapy sessions. And that is a Captain Dan guarantee!

In March of 1996 I had to abandon this island paradise to deal with family problems. I am finally able to continue my voyage. I hope you can join me during my return visit to Hawaii. I will begin this cruise on the "Big Island" of Hawaii, and follow the downwind path through the island chain toward the island of Kauai.

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